A Novel Algorithm to Scheduling Optimization of Melting-Casting Process in Copper Alloy Strip Production


Melting-casting is the first process in copper alloy strip production. The schedule scheme on this process affects the subsequent processes greatly. In this paper, we build the multiobjective model of melting-casting scheduling problem, which considers minimizing the makespan and total weighted earliness and tardiness penalties comprehensively. A novel algorithm, which we called Multiobjective Artificial Bee Colony/Decomposition (MOABC/D) algorithm, is proposed to solve this model. The algorithm combines the framework of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm/Decomposition (MOEA/D) and the neighborhood search strategy of Artificial Bee Colony algorithm. The results on instances show that the proposed MOABC/D algorithm outperforms the other two comparison algorithms both on the distributions of the Pareto front and the priority in the optimal selection results.