Hybrid Multiobjective Estimation of Distribution Algorithm by Local Linear Embedding and an Immune Inspired Algorithm


A novel hybrid multiobjective estimation of distribution algorithm is proposed in this study. It combines an estimation of distribution algorithm based on local linear embedding and an immune inspired algorithm. Pareto set to the continuous multiobjective optimization problems, in the decision space, is a piecewise continuous (m-1)-dimensional manifold, where m is the number of objectives. By this regularity, a local linear embedding based manifold algorithm is introduced to build the distribution model of promising solutions. Besides, for enhancing local search ability of the EDA, an immune inspired sparse individual clone algorithm (SICA) is introduced and combined with the EDA. The novel hybrid multiobjective algorithm, named HMEDA, is proposed accordingly. Compared with three other state-of-the-art multiobjective algorithms, this hybrid algorithm achieves comparable results in terms of convergence and diversity. Besides, the tradeoff proportions of EDA to SICA in HMEDA are studied. Finally, the scalabitity to the number of decision variables of HMEDA is investigated too.