Optimal multiple-objective resource allocation using hybrid particle swarm optimization and adaptive resource bounds technique


The multiple-objective resource allocation problem (MORAP) seeks for an allocation of resource to a number of activities such that a set of objectives are optimized simultaneously and the resource constraints are satisfied. MORAP has many applications, such as resource distribution, project budgeting, software testing, health care resource allocation, etc. This paper addresses the nonlinear MORAP with integer decision variable constraint. To guarantee that all the resource constraints are satisfied, we devise an adaptive-resource-bound technique to construct feasible solutions. The proposed method employs the particle swarm optimization (PSO) paradigm and presents a hybrid execution plan which embeds a hill-climbing heuristic into the PSO for expediting the convergence. To cope with the optimization problem with multiple objectives, we evaluate the candidate solutions based on dominance relationship and a score function. Experimental results manifest that the hybrid PSO derives solution sets which are very close to the exact Pareto sets. The proposed method also outperforms several representatives of the state-of-the-art algorithms on a simulation data set of the MORAP.