Multiobjective crashworthiness optimization of hollow and tubes for multiple load cases


Much attention of current design analysis and optimization of crashworthy structures have been largely paid to the scenarios with single load case in literature. Nevertheless the designed structures may often have to be operated in other load conditions, thus raising a critical issue of optimality. This paper aims to understand and optimize the dynamic responses and energy absorption of foam-filled conical thinwalled tubes under oblique impact loading conditions by using multiobjective optimization method. The crashworthiness criteria, namely specific energy absorption (SEA) and crushing force efficiency (CFE), are related to loading parameters and design variables by using D-optimal design of experiments (DoE) and Kriging model. To obtain the optimal Pareto solutions of hollow and foam-filled conical tubes, design optimization is first performed under different loading case (DLC) using multiobjective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO) algorithm separately. The optimal designs indicate that hollow tube has better crashing performance than the foam-filled tube under relatively high impacting velocity and great loading angle. To combine multiple load cases (MLC) for multiobjective optimization, a double weight factor technique is then adopted. It is found that the optimal foam-filled tube has better crashing performance than empty conical tube under any of overall oblique loading cases concerned. The study gains insights in deriving multiobjective optimization for multiple load cases, providing a guideline for design of energy absorber under multiple oblique loading.