Optimizing Security and Quality of Service in a Real-Time Database System Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm


Both network security and quality of service (QoS) consume computational resource of IT system and thus may evidently affect the application services. In the case of limited computational resource, it is important to model the mutual influence between network security and QoS, which can be concurrently optimized in order to provide a better performance under the available computational resource. In this paper, an evaluation model is accordingly presented to describe the mutual influence of network security and QoS, and then a multi-objective genetic algorithm NSGA-II is revised to optimize the multi-objective model. Using the intrinsic information from the target problem, a new crossover approach is designed to further enhance the optimization performance. Simulation results validate that our algorithm can find a set of Pareto-optimal security policies under different network workloads, which can be provided to the potential users as the differentiated security preferences. These obtained Pareto-optimal security policies not only meet the security requirement of the user, but also provide the optimal QoS under the available computational resource.