Popocatepetl (as seen from Iztaccihuatl)




Popocatepetl (In Nauhatl Popocatepatl means the smoking mountain)






Popocatepetl (as seen from Passeo de la Cortes)



Popocatepetl (as seen from Tlaxcala)




Iztaccihuatl (The sleeping lady)




La Panza (The belly of Izta)





On the summit of Iztaccihuatl



Izta again, with Popo peeping from behind









La  Malinche




La Malinche







Lago del Sol (The past crater of Noveda de Toluca)



On top of Noveda de Toluca





Pico de Orizaba (or the Citlaltepetl, meaning the star mountain)




Gerardo trying hard, but we are yet to reach the summit