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Cook's glider gun, velocity -20c/77 ($\approx $ -c/4).

Figure 2.33: The glider gun glides, and having glid, glides on. The horizontal lines delimit one single period.
\put(0,0){\epsfxsize = 240pt \e...
...ller drawing
% epsffile\{glider.eps\} %larger drawing

The glider gun has a velocity intermediate between the velocities of the streams whixh it launches, giving them ample opportunity to clear the domain of the gun. If A and B gliders annihilate on colliding, there is no obstacle to having a whole phalanx of glider guns, although they won't produce any extra effect on the remainder of the plane (except maybe for spacing) beyond the effect of a single gun.

Jose Manuel Gomez Soto 2002-01-31