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B - F collisions

B gliders can approach an F glider from four alignments.

1${}^{st}$ BBar + F
2${}^{nd}$ D + A dimer
3${}^{rd}$ B + F
4${}^{th}$ BBar + F

There are four relative alignments between B and F gliders, two of which exchange the gliders for a BBar5 and an F, one of which is solitonic, and one of which leaves a residue travelling to the right.

Figure 3.27: Left: The four B - F collisions.
\put(0,0){\epsfxsize = 90pt \ep...}}
\put(282,0){\epsfxsize = 90pt \epsffile{BF2.eps}}

Jose Manuel Gomez Soto 2002-01-31