Trinary automata

Figure 7: A typical screen within trinary probabilistic submenus, showing the placement of the different options. Typing ? will summon the menu.  

The principal difference between the binary and the trinary probability layouts consists in moving the sample evolution and bar charts to the bottom of the screen, to leave space for a trilinear diagram at the top. In particular, Panels A, B, and C no longer exist, although there is a similar apportionment of space. For most purposes only the rightmost panel is used, to hold a contour map of the vector difference in probability between the two successive generations.

Stereopairs representing this difference can be shown in the other two panels, one for the left image, the other for the right image, which are designed for crosseyed viewing.

It is also possible to view the differences of probabilities of the individual states.

Harold V. McIntosh