Keyboard options

The following are the keyboard options in the PROBKR programs (for k=2 and r near 4); all such programs have a uniform menu at the present time.

The screen is divided into six panels. The topmost identifies the automaton and echoes the keyboard command. Immediately below it is the E panel, which can show lines of evolution of the linear automaton. Immediately below that is the large M panel, also screenwide, used for showing the menu, parameter selection, and varied data. The bottom half of the screen is divided into three panels, A, B, and C, in which various graphs can be shown.

The layout is the same one shown in Figure 6.

Panel A generally holds two-dimensional graphs or histograms of cumulated data; panel B often shows data as a function of the step number, panel C is devoted to the return map and associated relationships.

MOU and so on refer to mouse buttons, which are equivalent to keyboard arrows, control arrows, and escape.

Harold V. McIntosh