New books and old articles

Harold V. McIntosh
Departamento de Aplicación de Microcomputadoras
Instituto de Ciencias, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
Apartado Postal 461, (72000) Puebla, Puebla, MÝxico

Sun Nov 9 12:11:19 GMT-0700 1997


The collection of commentaries on the book:Computational Analysis of One-Dimensional Cellular Automata, By Burton H. Voorhees, published by World Scientific. 1996 (ISBN 981-02-2221-1) and old articles:Endomorphisms and Automorphisms of the Shift Dynamical System" published in Mathematical Systems Theory 4 320-375 (1969) and Textile Systems for Endomprphisms and Automorphisms of the Shift, by Masakazu Nasu, Memoirs of the Americal Nathematical Society No. 546, ISBN 0-8218-2606-9 which were posted on CA-MAIL during April and June, 1996, is reproduced with the correction of misspellings and adaptation to TeX format. Citations to some of the references mentioned have been included.