IACR Board of Directors election 2022

By Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez





Short Statement


I've been working in cryptographic research for the last twenty-four years. I have served as PC member in many IACR conferences, and I have been General/Program co-chair in Latincrypt, ECC and CHES. If elected as Director, my main goals will be representing the cryptographic community belonging to the Global South.


About me


I am full professor in the Computer Science Department of the Advanced Research Center (CINVESTAV-IPN) at Mexico City, which I joined in May 2002. Since September 2021, I have been acting as a Technical Director in the Cryptography Research Center of the Technology Innovation Institute at Abu Dhabi, UAE.


I have advised or co-advised nine and forty Ph.D. students and master’s students, respectively. I was a co-author of two CHES papers that won the Best Paper Award in CHES 2009 and CHES 2013. I was also a co-author of a paper that was runner-up in CHES 2016. I co-authored the 2006 Springer book “Cryptographic algorithms on reconfigurable hardware”.


As a Ph.D. student, back in 1999, I helped in the logistics organization of the first CHES conference in Worcester, Massachusetts. I was General chair or co-chair of Latincrypt 2010, ECC 2012 and Latincrypt 2015. I was program co-chair of Waifi 2012, Latincrypt 2015, Waifi 2018 and CHES 2024.


I’m the co-author of several speed records of efficient scalar multiplication computation over binary curves. I was involved in the record breaking computation of a discrete logarithm in the finite field GF(3^(6 * 509)), a computation that took us about 200-core years.


What I will do if I’m elected as IACR Director?


As a Latin American person, I consider myself a representative of the Global South. In the Latin America region, I feel that I have contributed to the development of cryptography through the organization of several cryptographic conferences and the foundation (along with several fellow Latin American colleagues), of the Latincrypt conference and the ASCrypto cryptography summer school series. If I’m elected as IACR Director, I will strive for promoting geographic and gender inclusiveness in all IACR and In-Cooperation-With IACR events.


As a cryptographer, I consider myself a representative of applied cryptography, especially, of the CHES community. Hence, I would like to encourage more publicly available cryptographic software and hardware libraries implementing the always ingenious cryptographic algorithm novelties that are regularly presented in IACR conferences.