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C - EBar collisions

  high even high odd low even low odd
C1 C1 + EBar A penta A + 3 B C1 + EBar
C2 A + 3 B + BBar5 3 B C1 + F C2 + EBar
C3 C2 + F 4 B 2 C1 4 B

The EBar glider can transport information from right to left across a line of C1's or C2's provided that it encounters them in the odd low aspect.

Figure 3.34: Although it has to be aligned correctly to do so, an EBar can pass by either a C1 or a C2, allowing it to carry information across a line of C's.
\put(0,0){\epsfxsize = 180pt \e...
...(192,60){\epsfxsize = 180pt \epsffile{hC2EBarolo.eps}}

Jose Manuel Gomez Soto 2002-01-31