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B. Constant Order System.

The notation here is as in part A. The flexing operation is shown in two steps to point out that the thumbholes to be considered available for flexing must remain as thumbholes even after the folding together. The folding together may itself create a thumbhole, but such a thumbhole cannot bo used, since it was not a thumbhole in the un-folded together pats.

\;\; & P_h\{k_c\} & ; & P_i\{m_{c+...
...k}\} &; & P_h\{k_c\} & & &\qquad & \qquad & (T)\\
\end{array} \end{displaymath}

\begin{displaymath}\left. \begin{array}{llllllllll}
\;\;&(1) &P_h\{k_c\} & , & P...
...\} & ; &P_j^*\{n_{c+k+m}\} &
\end{array}\right\} \; {\em (F)}

Pedro 2001-08-22