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CAM/PC evolution

In keeping with the uniform practice for all CAMEX demonstrations, the letters s and S are reserved for cycles of the CAM/PC ; by the same tradition, s advances just one single generation per keypress. In turn, S initiates free-running evolution which can be stopped by pressing any key.

However, care must be taken as to which rule governs the evolution. To permit browsing, and the transport of a rule from one demonstration to another, all of them require an explicit act --- usually depressing INSERT --- to install the CAM/PC 's lookup table. Activating INSERT from within CAMEML (or generally by using INSERT in the main menu after having selected the random (2,1) Moore option) will install the rule currently resident in mogrul in plane 0, an echo for plane 1, leaving the possibility for a von Neumann shift rule to be installed in CAM-B .

From time to time specific automata are assigned to options (such as L for Life ) which will install a particular rule. Beware setting the CAM in motion without having chosen the correct rule somewhere; no physical damage will result, but a carefully prepared pattern in the bitplanes may inadvertently be disrupted.

Harold V. McIntosh