Publications 1996


International Journals

  1. Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Christiansen, Alan D. and Alonso Farrera, Francisco. A Genetic Algorithm for the Optimal Design of Axially Loaded Non-prismatic Columns, Civil Engineering Systems. Gordon and Breach Science Publishers. Vol. 14. pp. 111--146, 1996.

International Conferences

  1. Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Christiansen, Alan D. and Hernández Aguirre, Using Genetic Algorithms to Design Combinational Logic Circuits. ANNIE'96. Intelligent Engineering through Artificial Neural Networks, Volume 6. Smart Engineering Systems: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Evolutionary Programming. Edited by: Cihan H. Dagli, Metin Akay, C. L. Philip Chen, Benito R. Fernandez and Joydeep Ghosh, pp. 391--396. November, 1996.

  2. Christiansen, Alan D.; Dunham Edwards, Andrea and Coello Coello, Carlos A. Automated Design of Part Feeders using a Genetic Algorithm. Proceedings of the 1996 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.Minneapolis, Minnesota. Volume 1. pp. 846--851. April 1996.

  3. Coello Coello, Carlos A. and Figueroa Gallegos, José Alonso. Use of Genetic Algorithms to Solve Optimal Regional Water Quality Management Problems. Adaptive Computing in Engineering Design and Control'96. Plymouth, U.K., pp. 159--166, March 1996.

Articles in Magazines in Spanish

  1. Coello Coello, Carlos A. Scheme : Lo pequeño es bello (Primera Parte). Soluciones Avanzadas. Tecnologías de Información y Estrategias de Negocios, Año 4, Número 39, pp. 27--34, 15 de noviembre de 1996.